Date: 27th Nov 2021
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UPDATED 2nd & 3rd XI Batting Bonus Points incorrect on MRFS

Date: 25th April 2021

Bonus points have changed at 2nd & 3rd XI levels

Batting Bonus Points at 2nd XI / 3rd XI level were amended in the Jan 2020 AGM (Rule 5.2.2 of the Playing Regulations) as follows :-

5.2.2 2nd and 3rd XI matches: Batting: 2020 1 point at 75 runs, 2 points at 100 runs, 3 points at 125 runs, 4 points at 150 runs and 5 points at 175 runs.. Bowling: - 1 point for 2 wickets, 2 points for 4 wickets, 3 points for 6 wickets, 4 points for 8 wickets and 5 points for 10 wickets.

These  MRF forms are now updated on the website:

Corrections to the batting bonus points claimed , where applicable, will be made to games played this weekend but clubs should implement the changes from next weekend

Additionally, it appears on some types of computer, the current MRFs are not downloadable from the links shown under Admin Docs /  Match Result forms and this should be rectified this week.


A reminder that 3rd XI Saturday fixtures are scheduled to start at12:00 (although clubs can agree to a different start time) and 3rd XI  Sunday fixtures are scheduled to start at 13:00 (again clubs can agree to different start time)

Finally, it is with regret that Birchfield Park have had to withdraw from the 3rd XI Saturday Premier Division following the failure to agree with the developers of their ground regarding the playing cricket at the venue 


Management Cttee - (RD)

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