Date: 28th May 2022
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Potential Fineable Issues -1st Week of the season

Date: 2nd May 2022

Treasurers Alert.

Potential Fines Week 1 - 23/24 April

As the new season commences, a reminder that the Admin side of the game is as important and failure to undertake some simple tasks can result in Fines being incurred by the errant clubs.

The following are fineable events and fines could be levied for failing to :-

1 – Late posting of scorecard to Play Cricket

1st XI – Parkfield Liscard

2 – Failing to confirm the result of Play Cricket

1st XIs – Alder, Hightown St Marys, Orrell RT, Parkfield Liscard, Prestatyn, Sutton (St Helens)

2nd XIs – Colwyn Bay, Hightown St Mary,s Newton le Willows, Northern, Orrell RT, Parkfield Liscard, Prestatyn, Southport Trinity, Sutton (St Helens)

3rd XIs (Saturday) –Birkenhead Park 4, Goodlass, Liverpool Superkings, Merseyside Sports & Cultural, Northern 3 SK, Orrell RT 3, Sefton Park 3, Sefton Park 4, Wallasey 3

3rd XIs (Sunday) – Hightown St Marys 3, Liverpool Sunday, Merseyside Commonwealth, Orrell RT 4 AC. Orrell RT 4 MC Oxton 3, Sefton Park PF, Sefton Park PS, Southport & Birkdale 3, Southport Trinity 3, Spring View 3, Whitefield 3

3 – Unsure / Unregistered players on scorecard (still showing at end of the week although some players may be awaiting approval) Not including any Unsure against a fielder taking a catch.

(Saturday) - Liverpool 3, New Brighton 3, Northern GK, Ormskirk 3, Orrell RT 3, Sefton Park 4, Wallasey 3 (4 * unsures),

(Sunday) – Leigh 3, Liverpool Sunday, Maghull 3, Merseyside Commonwealth, Sefton Park PF,

4 – Conceded games

2nd XI – Parkfield Liscard

3rd XI – Ainsdale 3, Wallasey 4

The majority of the above are Administrative issues which can be avoided.


Rob Durand (Man Ctee)

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