Date: 15th Aug 2022
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Date: 13th July 2022

We publish once again as posted and forwarded to all clubs on May 10th 2022 under ,the ECB’S Guidance document on Photo, Video and Live Streaming in the Recreational Game. ECB Premier League Clubs are required to follow this guidance.

The ECB is keen to promote positive images of individuals playing cricket and does not wish to prevent live streaming, video recording, photography or any other form of capture or use of audio-visual materials (‘Streams, Photos and Recordings’). However, the ECB wishes to ensure that Streams, Photos and Recordings within cricket are captured and used appropriately

To date we know that only a small number of our clubs have pursued such an activity and we have expected these clubs to follow the guidance. It appears however, that this may not always have been the case. In addition, we understand that a growing number of clubs are now considering recording and/or streaming matches and we republish the document to enable the guidance to be fully adhered to in our League. 

In particular, for those clubs undertaking any of the stated activities, and for clubs in the process of considering doing so, we draw attention to Step 4 and Step 5 of the guidance

Step 4 | Get League / other side’s permission for any live streaming, photographing or videoing of their matches No Cricket Organisation should allow photography or filming of matches unless it has been approved by an official of the Cricket Organisation.

 If your Cricket Organisation plans to live stream, take photographs, make a recording or publish or share any audio-visual material on any social media platform from any cricket match under the auspices of the ECB (such as League, friendly or cup matches), you will need to notify the League / other side of your intention and must have their permission, at least 48 hours in advance before doing so. If sufficient notice and permission is not given, the match should not be streamed, photographed or filmed.

 Step 5 | Get approval from both teams, the umpires and the scorers The Cricket Organisation that is live streaming, photographing or recording a match should obtain prior approval from both teams, the umpires and scorers at least 48 hours before the match to allow enough time to get player consents. If there are any objections, the streaming / photographing / recording should not take place.

L&DCC Management Committee

13 July 2022

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