Date: 27th Nov 2021
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Date: 19th April 2021

To take account of any issues in fulfilling fixtures due to Covid/Isolating or Car Sharing.

ADDITIONAL RULES FOR SEASON 2021 relating to any problems experienced by clubs due to Covid/Isolating or Car Sharing, to be amended as National/ECB Guidance changes.

  1. When players are unable to play through Covid/Isolating or Car Sharing, Clubs must prioritise the higher competing level team, i.e. the 1st X1 and so on.
  2. 2nd X1 players must be used to make up any gaps in an intended 1st X1 (and if applicable, Saturday 3rd X1 players into the 2nd X1)
  3. 1st X1 players unable to travel away through Car Sharing may play at home for the 2nd X1. ( and if applicable 2nd X1 players into the 3rd X1) The Qualifying Games and Countback rules are suspended for the period that the ban on Car Sharing remains in force. Clubs are asked to apply the Spirit of Cricket in such circumstances.
  4.  The restart group have agreed that a minimum of 9 players will constitute a team during this period. 
  5. It is recognised that Covid/Isolating issues (either with or without car sharing problems) may reach such a level at a club that the club wishes to request a rearrangement. This should be done as soon as the situation is known, in writing, by email to: chrislizweston@talk21.comEach request will be considered on its own merits by the Management Committee and answered within 24 hours. Should the situation arise on the Friday before the game, phone Chris on 07977201736.
  6. Until further notice such rearranged games will not be Locked and will not affect players in the subsequent games. Clubs are asked to apply the Spirit of Cricket in such circumstances.

L&DCC Management Committee 19 April 2021


Please note also that we are holding a League Question & Answer drop-in session on ZOOM on Thursday 22 April between 7pm and 8pm for Club Officials to clarify and ask questions on any aspect (Cricket, Covid, or anything) of the new season.

Chris Weston will issue joining instructions to all clubs.   



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