Date: 21st Mar 2019
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SKELMERSDALE withdrawn from 1st X1 Division 2.

Date: 18th May 2018

Club to continue with 2nd X1

Please note that after recent discussions between Skelmersdale CC and the League Management Committee and a recognition of the current difficulty being experienced by the club in fielding two Saturday teams it has been agreed that Skelmersdale 1st X1 are to be withdrawn from the 1st X1 Division 2 with immediate effect. The club will continue to compete at 2nd X1 level in the 2nd X1 Division 2.

The three matches played by Skelmersdale in 1st  X1 Division 2 will be expunged and all points relating to those three games removed.

We hope that all clubs will recognise and appreciate the difficulties being experienced by one of our member clubs and support both them and the League in order to preserve and maintain cricket at the club. 

Management Committee

18 May 2018

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