Date: 15th Feb 2019
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Date: 23rd June 2018

Please update your cup information - Senior and U18 Representative games

Just a few notes for Club Secretaries and those involved in running clubs and making sure that teams get on the park. We appreciate that the administrative and legislative burden seems to grow every year and that more and more responsibility seems to be shifting from on high to clubs, but there are a few basic issues that need to be addressed in our league.

  1. Postings re Cup Games – particularly re-arranged games. It is essential that the home club ensures that the information, ahead of the game, is kept up to date on play-cricket and that Rob Durand is informed. . This will ensure that the MCUA can allocate umpires to the games and prevent, as happened, umpires going to a game that did not exist. 
  2. Captains Cards (1st X1s) – Although the majority are returned on time there is a regular group of captains submitting them late or not at all. Apart from preventing the information being available to the MCUA the clubs concerned are incurring fines.

Other Notes

  • Good news from Wigan that their ground is now back in use with a new outfield and a brand new drainage system. We thank Haydock Cricket Club for helping Wigan out during the recent period.
  • Sunday 8 July sees the Seniors and U18 in Inter-League action against GMCL.

Senior X1 are away at Heywood Cricket Club 1pm start.

U18 are at home and we are looking for a ground to host. If you can help please contact John Williams on 07767441978 

Once again we know that many of our clubs have other cup and cricket commitments that day, so if your club has anyone of the appropriate standard and is keen to play, please contact John as above.  

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