Date: 24th May 2019
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Date: 13th August 2018

The total fines for failures to follow the L&DCC Rules & Regulations to date is 5050.

Unfortunately some clubs continue to amass large fines, mainly failing to record results on Play-Cricket in a timely manner and conceding matches.

Six clubs, Bootle, Caldy, Northern, Orrell RT, Parkfield Liscard and Sefton Park, have total fines of £200 or more and another eight are £150 or more.

Only eleven clubs bothered to ask for details of their fines up to the end of May which demonstrates the complete disinterest of the majority of clubs to helping the committees manage the league.

3rd XI teams particularly continue to submit team sheets unsigned or missing details of junior players contrary to the Laws of Cricket (£250), Match Result Forms are often not received (£680) and scorecards on Play-Cricket are not confirmed by one or other team (£1480).  57 conceded matches have cost clubs £1065 despite reducing significantly the fines for 3rd XIs.

Clubs wishing to receive details need to contact me.

Eric Hadfield (ARSec Coordinator) -



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