Date: 25th Apr 2018
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Date: 28th February 2013

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........ Lytham stengthen their side.

After four months of negotiations and many evenings spent trawling through agents' websites Lytham have finally found their overseas player for 2013 in the familiar form of Dominic O'Brien, who scored 633 runs when Antony Mulligan's team won the ECB Premier League title in 2010.

Had O'Brien been available back in October, the phone bill of one or two Church Road officials might have been a trifle lower. But at that time it was thought that he was settled in Australia and would not be returning to England in the foreseeable future.

Instead, the Queensland cricketer, who also racked up 676 runs in 2011, has had a change of heart and the Fylde club was not slow to secure his signature as they prepare to defend their ECB Premier League title.

"Dom's flight is booked for April and we will be delighted to have him back with us," said Lytham skipper Guy Roberts. "We know what we're getting with him. He's a quality batsman and he's just what we needed in the absence of both Nick Knight and George Linde.

"He knows the lads, he knows the wicket, and he won't need much time to settle back in."

Roberts's intention is that O'Brien will bat at number three although it is still unclear who will open in place of the invaluable Knight. Lytham had their first net last Monday and there is still a chance that there will be one or two additions to the squad before a Lancashire Federation side arrive at Church Road for the first pre-season game of the new season on April 6th  

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