Date: 24th Jun 2018
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Date: 4th March 2013


News of Denis Burns formerly with Worsley Cricket Club and who now lives in Australia....

Denis Burns and David Levens, who are both current members of Cricket Australia's (CA) Umpire High Performance Panel (UHPP), are to become Umpire Coaches with the International Cricket Council (ICC), say reports from Melbourne yesterday. The pair will work under former Australian international umpire Simon Taufel, the ICC's Umpire Performance and Training Manager; however, just when they will take up their new roles has not yet been announced.

Lancashire-born Burns, 62, joined CA from England in the then new position of 'Umpire Educator' in January 2009 after making significant contributions to educational materials produced by the then named Institute of Cricket Umpires and Scorers. The Educator job at the time had dual responsibilities, one involving the development and delivery of umpiring programs within Australia, and the other servicing CA's overseas game education contract work in Asia, an area in which he worked on numerous occasions. By 2011 the latter tasks had ceased and in July that year Burns was given a UHPP position, work that he has undertaken since in parallel with his umpire education and accreditation roles.

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