Date: 15th Feb 2019
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FINES TO JUNE 1st 2018

Date: 15th June 2018

With fewer matches played than in 2017 to this point in the season it is disappointing to report that the fines are at the same level.

The total of fines for all failures to follow the regulations for reporting results, for unregistered players, for conceding or defaulting matches, and attending general meetings is £2430. 

We have had a clause in the Playing Regulations, 8.1.12, for several years but until now have not used it hoping that Premier Division captains would provide the information required by ECB on the quality of pitches away from home.  Failure to provide this at the end of the season carries a £50 and in fact some captains never provide it.  Five clubs have been fined for last season.  Jim Hathaway, our Club & Ground Chairman, is making strenuous efforts to gather this information thrroughout the season so that there are no excuses.

Nine clubs have already amassed fines of £100 or more, two clubs getting close to £200.  In alphabetic order these clubs are Ainsdale, Bootle, Formby, Northern,Old Xaverians, Orrell Red Triangle. Parkfield Liscard, Skelmersdale and Spring View; three of these have incurred the £50 fine mentioned above.

By category the total fines so far are as follows:

Result reporting on Play-Cricket - £810

Unsure players and defaulted matches - £150

Conceded matches - £760

Late Captain's reports - £265

Non-attendance at General Meetings - £550

Some of you will have calculated these categories total more than £2430.  This is because some 2017 fines have been refunded as they were levied in error.  With so many individual fines it is not surprising that a handful are wrongly attributed or just wrong.  It is always worth asking for your club's details and checking them - it always surprises me how few clubs actually bother to do this, all you need to do is send me an email request.

Eric Hadfield  (

L&DCC President and Fines Coordinator

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