Date: 21st Aug 2019
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Date: 18th January 2019

Excellent AGM embraces new opportunity - plus details of other changes

This year’s AGM, on Tuesday 15 January, the best attended for quite some time, saw the clubs vote overwhelmingly to extend the Player Dual Registration System within the Liverpool Competition itself. This comes after the success of the system agreed between the Comp and the Southport and District Amateur Cricket League last season, with 71 players registering with both leagues.

Full details of the extended dual registration facility, which does not apply to 1st X1’s, will be forwarded to clubs in the near future, enabling more players to be available for clubs needing players for 2nd and 3rd teams and more opportunities, particularly for youngsters, for players wishing to play more regularly.

The meeting, which welcomed Norley Hall to the Competition’s Division 2 and confirmed the appointment of fourteen new committee members to the newly formed sub-committee structure also voted in the following playing regulation changes:

  • TBA Games to be rearranged must have an agreed date before the start of the season and must be played by the second Sunday in July.
  • 1st and 2nd X1 Player eligibility for Sunday 3rd X1s is now Under 18 (from 19) – over 40 remains unaltered.  Playing restrictions have also altered as per the proposed motion.
  • A series of player eligibility changes affecting 2nd and 3rd X1s standardising eligibility between League and Cup games.

The proposal to alter the start times in 2nd and 3rd X1 Saturday matches was defeated.

The full Minutes of the meeting are available at:


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