Date: 22nd Aug 2019
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Date: 23rd February 2019


Unique volunteering opportunities in 2019

For those looking for a unique volunteering opportunity in 2019, UK-based charity Cricket Without Boundaries are looking for volunteers to deliver 2-week projects in Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda in Autumn 2019. Experience the power of sport by delivering HIV education through cricket to thousands of school children, while also developing your coaching skills and experiencing a new country and culture. To find out more, visit the Cricket Without Boundaries’ website:

Sara Begg, Cricket Coach and Coach Tutor, currently working with Women’s and Girls sections at Hightown St Mary’s and Sefton Park and a volunteer and project tutor with Cricket Without Boundaries tells her story.

“I got involved because I believe in the power of cricket to change people’s lives and I was inspired by the idea of using cricket to talk about HIV/Aids and to do something a bit different. I went to North Uganda for two weeks as a Project Tutor in charge of cricket. It was a life changing two weeks.

We played baseball against the “Nile Hammers” and taught them how to play cricket; played goal ball with all the boys and girls; went to open air bars and discos; saw elephants and baboons and lots of animals but most of all we played lots of cricket and cricket-like games with some incredible adults and children

We had testing (for HIV) and health education days but my most abiding memory was when we visited a school for visually impaired girls. We bought some balloons and after some difficulty worked out a way to put small bells inside them.  The effect was amazing and seeing the joy on the faces of the girls tapping the balloons in the air to each other will never leave me”.

Adapted from case study on cricket without boundaries website.

Sara is happy to speak directly with anyone wishing to find out more on  

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