Date: 27th Nov 2021
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Date: 8th June 2021

All the Divisions!

In the Saturday Premier league,

Northern (GK) 90 points, continue to lead the way with Ormskirk 89 and Northern (SK) 75 and NBCC 3 (72) following closley behind.

Wins this weekend for Northern (GK), Goodlass, Merseyside Cultural and Orrell Red Triangle ,

Northern (SK) and Sefton Park 3 drew.

Main Highlight of the week: Tom Horrocks (NBCC3) scoring 99 not out against Merseyside Cultural CC

In Saturday 1st Div,

Birkenhead Park 3, Birkenhead Park 4, Wavertree and Bootle, are the leading clubs in this division

There were wins for Birkenhead Park 3, Birkenhead Park 4, Northop Hall, Northern 5 and Wavertree drew

Highlight of the week: Shah Miah (Birkenhead Park 3) 7/23 v NBCC 4


In the Sunday Premier League this week,

Leigh were the only winners whilst the other 3 matches ended in draws,

Liverpool still lead the way, with Southport, Leigh and Springview in pursuit

In the Div 1 North,

Wins for Fleetwood Hesketh, Formby, Northern Sun XI and Southport Trinity.

Formby,  Fleetwood Hesketh, Lytham and  Orrell Red Triangle (4) lead the way.

In Div 1 South,

Bootle, Sefton Park (PS) and Merseyside Commonwealth won whilst Oxton and NBCC (Sun) XI drew

Sefton Park (PS) 91 from 6 matches lead the division from Oxton 80 (5 matches), Merseyside Commonwealth 66 (5 matches)


Eddie Shiff

Chair 3rd XI Sub Committee

8th June 21


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