Date: 29th May 2015
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Date: 27th April 2015


The Liverpool Competition U12 and U14 Representative teams are taking part in the two revamped LCB Competitions: LCB U12 Norman Wright Trophy and the LCB U14 Michael Roche Trophy.

This year the matches are being played on a league basis as follows:

Sunday 10 May                 U12          v Central Lancs League                   home                                     Sunday 10 May                       U14        v Central Lancs League                   away

Sunday 14 June                U12          v Lancashire League                        away                                      Sunday 14 June                  U14        v Lancashire League                        home

Sunday 12 July                  U12          v Wigan and District League           away                                      Sunday 12 July                    U14        v Wigan and District League           home

Sunday 9 August               U12          v Lancs County League                   home                                      Sunday 9 August                 U14        v Lancs County League                   away

Sunday 13 September     U12           v Palace Shield                                  away                                      Sunday 13 September       U14        v Palace Shield                                  home

All matches start at 2pm.             

This is quite an undertaking in addition to the Readers Senior and U18 competitions and clubs are asked to consider offering their ground and host one of the games on one of the five Sundays. (All costs met by the League in agreement with each club)

In addition we are looking for appropriately qualified and experienced individuals, coaches and/or managers to help with running the teams.

Selection (Current panel is: John Williams, Andy Grice and Andy Barlow)

Note: Players from clubs whose primary junior league is one of the leagues in the competition (e.g. Wigan Junior League and Palace Shield) are to be initially considered for selection by that League.

Because of the timescales and geography it is not intended to have trials. Clubs are invited to nominate players in both age groups who MUST be 1. Members of current District squads and 2. Top end performers in those squads (based on last year if necessary).  Equivalent criteria to the above also applies to players from N E Wales and the Wirral. County players are known to us but should also be nominated by clubs.

Nominations by Email with Name, DOB, club, district (or equivalent), playing description and brief performance details, plus contact email and mobile should be made as soon as possible to to whom any ground offers or interested individuals should also contact. Any queries at all please ring on 07767441978.