Date: 28th May 2022
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Special Fixture Requests 2022

Date: 1st November 2021

Time for action if you have special ground requirements

Fixture Requests for 2022 season

Further to the  comments made at this week's End of Season Special Meeting and as we plan for the 2022 season, I now require that :-

Clubs wishing to advise of any special ground availability issues or possible fixture clashes (especially where they may share or hire grounds with another club either inside or outside of the LDCC) should make their requirements known for season 2022  

All clubs affected by these issues should notify me and not assume that I am aware of their circumstances even if they are long standing.

I require written confirmation by email (not text / social media postings ) to the following email accounts 

via or 

Failure to advise me in the correct manner is likely to mean that your request cannot be accepted which could have implications on your ability to fulfil the scheduled fixture. 

Where applicable, the clubs 1st XI will be fixtured to play away from home with the club's 2nd XI being fixtured at home with the fixture endorsed TBA or TBC as necessary and it will be upto the the home club to agree a mutually acceptable rearrangement date with the game taking place before the end of July 2022 so as not to affect vital promotion or relegation issues 

Thank you to all the clubs that have already responded to this request and a reminder to those clubs that have not yet responded to do so as soon as possible to the Fixtures Secretary, Rob Durand,  via or  with a deadline of Friday 19th November 2021.

We are well aware that County Fixtures are as yet unavailable.

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