Date: 15th Aug 2022
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Date: 12th December 2021


The following has been sent to Club Chairs, Secretaries and officials

"If you, as recipient of this e-mail, are not the club’s current Chair or Secretary, please ensure that these calling papers are forwarded in good time to the appropriate person or persons.

“In accordance with the Constitution of the LL L&DCC Item 7, notice is given that the Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 11th January 2022 at 7.00 pm at Firwood-Bootle CC (subject to current COVID-19 regulations) or, if necessary, via electronic means using ZOOM.

Clubs are asked to discuss these matters carefully before the meeting and to note that their attendance at this meeting is mandatory for Full Member and Associate Member (3rd XIs) Clubs but not for Associate Member(Junior Leagues) clubs and Associate Member (Women’s and Girls) clubs.”

The Secretary asks that, if there are any omissions from the list of Obituraries on page 4, they be notified to him; it is important that no-one be forgotten.

LL L&DCC AGM 2022: Agenda

The ordinary business of this AGM will consist of:

1. Welcome and Roll-Call of Member Clubs;

2. Obituaries; - attached.

3. Minutes of General Meetings in 2021;

4. Matters Arising;

5. Presentation of the Annual Reports by the Chairman; - attached

6.Election of Officers and sub-Committee Members for the ensuing year; - attached

7.Appointment of Honorary Auditor and Honorary Legal Advisor;

8.Hon Treasurer’s Report plus Audited Accounts -attached

9. Determination of the subscription for the ensuing year 2022; -attached

10. Business of which due notice has been given; - attached 

11. M.C.U.A.

12. Notices

13. Closure of meeting

Chris Weston       

Secretary LL L&DCC

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