Date: 28th May 2022
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ACCESS TO PLAY CRICKET / (Updated) New League Registered Status changes

Date: 8th March 2022

ACCESS TO PLAY CRICKET / (Updated) New League Registered Status changes

IMPORTANT MESSAGE - Action needed.

Most of you who are registered should have, by now, received an email from the ECB advising you of the need to Reset your Password before you can access Play Cricket.

The ECB have taken steps to integrate their Login Provider across their various ECB platforms and as part of this change, you will need to reset your password before you use Play Cricket again.

You may also need to review your password access to the live ECB scoring apps - Play Cricket Scorer / Play Cricket Live etc.

(Note - I re-entered my existing password which was accepted by the system so there may not be a need to change your password).

Even if you have no need to use Play Cricket ahead of the start of the season, it is recommended that you take the necessary action before then so that any potential problems can be resolved and not on the day (when everyone else is trying to access the system as well)

(Please also let us know, or report direct to Play Cricket, if the annoying "Privacy" notice keeps appearing as has been the case over the winter)

** (New)  With regard to registering of players as League Registered Players, this appears also to have changed.

Locate the players record after creating a record on  Members Database and then select "Edit Roles" icon. 

The option to apply for League Registered Status can be found under the "Config" column, to the left side of the defaulted displayed page showing Web Roles. Procede as directed.



Management Committee - 8 March 2022 (RD)





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