Date: 28th May 2022
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Date: 6th May 2022


Look after your Umpires.

Well done to the 60% of clubs providing Hot Drinks for Umpires, Scorers and Players at the Tea Interval over the past two weeks. Not all did it without being asked - it would be good if Umpires in particular, did not have to go searching for a drink. 

So come on if you are in the 40%.

Here's a reminder of the information given out at the Pre-season meeting from the published minutes:.

JW continued; the clubs had voted 26/10 at the AGM in favour of making it not compulsory for clubs to provide Teas in 2022. This would mean Teas provision would be exactly the same as that which had been in place in season 2021. If clubs wanted to provide them they could do so and they could charge for doing this but they would need to contact the opposition to advise them of what they were doing.

What clubs had to do during the Tea interval was to provide players and umpires with a hot drink of tea or coffee. Umpires should not have to ask that this should be provided. These drinks would be provided free, the costs would be small and would balance out over the season with H/A games.

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