Date: 27th Feb 2024
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Management Structure - UPDATE

Date: 2nd January 2023

Contingency Plan in place.

This is the text of a bulletin sent to all Club Secretaries and Chairs between Christmas and New Year.

As you will know, John Williams and  Chris Weston are stepping down from their positions at the Annual General Meeting on 10 January.

Their positions, at the time of writing, still remain vacant.

In the event that no nominations are received , the Management Committee have been busy formulating an interim Management Structure for implementation from 10 January which will be proposed for approval at the AGM.

Six current Committee Members will, if re-elected, continue, Rob Durand, Peter Fleetwood, Jim Hathaway, Eddie Shiff, Liz Sinker, and John Williams (as Junior Chair).

Paul Bate (Women and Girls) and Neil Crew (Juniors) will continue in their current ex-officio roles and Neil Bickley, Peter Fleetwood and Tony Elwood will continue to deal with all Disciplinary Matters.

In addition, five individuals from Member Clubs, all with a longstanding affiliation to the Liverpool Competition, have come forward to work with and provide assistance to the Committee.

We are currently breaking down the tasks and responsibilities undertaken by the whole committee, and together with these very welcome volunteers, identifying workstreams to be shared amongst us all.

The Committee are currently identifying one of the current number to propose as an Interim Chair (for a period of up to 12 Months)

Management Committee

2nd January 2023


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