Date: 27th Feb 2024
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Date: 1st February 2023

Cups, Club details, Overseas Players, Women and Girls 3rd X1s

  1. PRIORITY The deadline for clubs to submit entries for all the Cup Competitions was 31 December. We know that not all clubs have done so. The draws for all the cups are to be made on Sunday 5 February at Love Lane Bar and Kitchen. All outstanding entries must be sent to by Friday 3 February after which no further entries will be accepted.
  2. UPDATING OF CLUB DETAILS on Website. This is now required. If your club has mislaid or forgotten the link/username/password please email by no later than Friday 10 February for the appropriate details.Please note we have been asked by the ECB to ensure that clubs also keep the “About Us” section on their Play-cricket site up to date
  3. REGISTRATION OF OVERSEAS PLAYERS Clubs are reminded to notify the League as soon as possible with information about their intended registration of overseas players, particularly those not travelling on an International Sportsperson Visa. In addition Clubs are reminded that it is now compulsory that registrations for players at 2ND X1, 3rd X1 level, Women’s cricket and 210 day rule must be approved by the League before any commitment is made to individuals. All Overseas Player Registrations are now being dealt with by John Williams to whom all paperwork, visas and all enquiries should be directed. , working with Rob Durand who retains responsibility for all other Registrations (Domestic Senior and Women)
  4. WOMEN’S and GIRLS REGISTRATION and ELIGIBILITY   New rules and regulations relating to Women's and Girls Cricket, produced by the Women and Girls sub-committee, were agreed at the Management Committee meeting on Monday. This will be our fourth full season of Women's cricket and the section has developed rapidly, although it is clear that there are major variations in the rate of development in our clubs. It is now time to introduce an amount of regulation into our Women's cricket- which offers four types of game. Most specifically there is now a requirement that all those playing hardball are to be registered both with our League and with play-cricket. At this stage there is no requirement to register soft ball players but see document.
  5. 3RD X1 FIXTURES We apologise that these have not been published. A combination of new teams, shared grounds with both Liverpool Competition and Southport and District Clubs, and one or two other late issues popping up, have caused the delay. Rob and his team are on it and hope to have the fixtures out shortly.

 Love Lane Liverpool and District Cricket Competition Management Committee

1 February 2023


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