Date: 13th Apr 2024
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Date: 3rd July 2023

All players, in all divisions, please note.

DISCIPLINE ……………..So far.

The League Management Committee discussed the increased level of disciplinary referrals compared to previous years, at our meeting on Monday 26 June. There has not been a week this season when there hasn’t been at least one disciplinary event and at half way through this season we have had almost the same number as in the whole of last year.  

The great majority of these have been for dissent, refusal to accept an umpire’s decision, foul or abusive language towards an umpire or opponent, or abuse of equipment.

Whilst clubs have generally been co-operative in their dealings with the league’s Disciplinary Investigating Officer and Adjudicator, these are often time-consuming exchanges which are becoming an unreasonable burden on those involved and seriously affect their ability to deal with referrals on a timely basis.

This increase in unacceptable player behaviour is not acceptable and needs addressing by all clubs and captains. . 

Clubs are therefore asked to reinforce the provisions of the ECB’s General Conduct Regulations for Recreational Cricket pointing out that sanctions last for 24 months, are doubled for any subsequent transgression and a third one will lead to a ban for the player’s captain.

In addition the Committee have agreed that should three occurences from the same club be subject to Disciplinary action in any 24 month period, then the following section of the GCR will be invoked:

11. A Club shall be in breach of these Regulations if, at any time: (a) it fails to take reasonable steps to ensure the good behaviour and conduct of their Participants for any breach of these Regulations; The potential penalties are set out in Appendix 3 , paragraph 4 of the GCR Sanction Guidelines.


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