Date: 30th Nov 2023
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Abandoned & No Decision / Cup rules / Asylum Seekers & Refugee Registration / 3rd XI Saturday Fixtures

Date: 12th July 2023

July update

Abandoned & No Decision results

Following last weekend's weather intervention and early curtailment of many games, it is apparent that the difference between an abandoned game and a No Decision result be clarified.

An Abandoned game is where no play is possible in the game

A No Decision result is where the game ends without a decisive result and before the completion of the required number of overs in the "last hour".

A completed Match Result Form (MRF) and team cards are required for all games that commence.

In a No Decision game, each team will be awarded 5 points or will retain its accrued batting or bowling points (if more than 5) if a minimum of 15 overs have been completed in the second innings.

Cup Regulations regarding weather affected matches.

LDCC Cup competitions are run along the lines of the LCF KO competition rules which this year only uses DLS to determine the outcome if weather curtails the number of overs available to affect the result.


Before the game commences and before the toss, both team captains and match officials (umpires and scorers) should confirm that they are using DLS provided they feel competent and have the tools available (ie DLS on the Play Cricket scoring app). If both teams feel they cannot use or access DLS, for whatever reason, then they should use Average Run Rate as an alternative method but it must be clear to all parties ahead of the toss, which method is to be used.


Registration guidelines for Asylum Seekers / Refugees without Leave to Remain Status


There are a growing number of requests from clubs for guidance and explanation of the regulations governing the registration of Refugees and Asylum Seekers who do not possess the necessary paperwork that is required for registration for whatever reason.


The intention is that the following draft clause be introduced for the remainder of this season and that these players can only play at 2nd XI or 3rd XI level.


The LDCC appreciates that Asylum Seekers / Refugees wishing to obtain League Registration would not meet the criteria and supporting documentation that is necessary and in place currently for Overseas Amateur players.


For the remainder of the 2023 season, these players can be nominated for League Registration by clubs using just the two following documents :-


(1) A completed LDCC Registration Form


(2) A document from the relevant Social Services or authorised individual responsible for looking after the player confirming his / her status as an Asylum Seeker / Refugee.


Additional paperwork that is available can be supplied in support of the registration .


Players registered as such will only be authorised to play at 2nd XI or 3rd XI level and no higher and their performance may be subject to review (as with other 2nd XI and 3rd XI level players).


Additional 3rd XI Saturday Division One Fixtures (August & September)


The additional fixtures for the remaining weeks for the 3rd XI Saturday Division One can now be found on the Fixtures page (under Admin Docs / Fixtures). Due to ground availability issues in September, there are a number of fixtures which can only take place if a venue can be found or the game rescheduled to another date. The final position of the division will be based on a points per average games basis and if any of these fixtures cannot take place, they will not be included in the calculation for the final standings.








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