Date: 22nd May 2024
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Date: 4th August 2023

Just two actions required of clubs in 2023


There have been no changes to the process or criteria for this year.


Accredited clubs

To reduce the administrative burden on CCBs and clubs in 2023, there is no "Annual Health Check" for clubs accredited in 2022. As such, accredited clubs are not required to do anything this year (with the exception of the two points below) in order to retain their accreditation.

There will be an update on future requirements as part of the outcomes of the Clubmark review.

 • Ensure you have formally adopted the ECB Anti-Discrimination Code of Practice, this should be visible in AGM minutes and be written into the club constitution.

 • Continue to maintain a fair and accurate representation of your volunteer base on the SHMS. It will be for each CCB to decide what resources they can put into batch/sample testing of club’s compliance in terms of the ECB Anti-discrimination code and status on the SHMS. The key is that this process provides assurances that clubs have undertaken these tasks.

ECB Premier League Clubs

 The requirements for clubs playing in the top two divisions of ECB Premier Leagues will be the same as for all accredited clubs outlined above. As such, clubs who play in ECB Premier Leagues will be able to retain their status in these leagues in 2024 based upon their existing accredited status.

Any club seeking promotion into one of the top two divisions of an ECB Premier League that does not currently hold Clubmark accreditation will be required to have this in place should they gain promotion.

If any club is looking to obtain or renew an International Sportsperson Visa (formerly Tier 5) licence, they will need to meet the necessary requirements for this at the point of submitting their application, this will include showing a compliant status on the SHMS.

The Final day for any completed remediation actions to be submitted on your Portal is 1st September 2023

Liverpool and District Cricket Competition

30 July 2023

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