Date: 15th Jun 2024
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Proposed Integration of Southport and District League into the Liverpool Competition.

Date: 22nd May 2024

Notification issued to Clubs.

The following is the text of a notification to the Club Secretaries of all the Clubs in the Liverpool and District Cricket Competition and the Southport and District Amateur Cricket League.

At the Feeder League meeting on Wednesday 17 April (Henry Roberts, Tony Parker, Gary Southworth, Eddie Shiff, Dave Lee, John Williams present) the long term viability of the current Committee of the Southport and District Amateur Cricket League continuing to manage the League was discussed. Put simply – it is an ageing committee and recent attempts to recruit new volunteer officers have proved unsuccessful and the crucial role of the Registration and Fixtures secretary will be vacant at the end of the 2024 season. This is at a time when the statutory and administrative responsibilities on Cricket Leagues are increasing and becoming more crucial and time consuming.  

This concern has been previously discussed at the bi-annual meetings between the two leagues.

All present agreed that the time was now right for both leagues to address the issue.

A lengthy discussion ensued in which a number of immediate benefits were identified such as pooling of volunteer resources; establishing a longer term security for S+D clubs; and potential greater opportunities for all in an extended pyramid.  

Following further conversations between the two leagues and agreement in principle from both Management Committees it was agreed that discussions should continue, working towards an integration of the Southport and District League into the Liverpool Competition over a two year time period. All present were acutely aware of the many issues to be discussed together with the need for full disclosure and consultation   

Year 1 Current date to April 2025

Integration of the two League Executive Committees operating with an Agreed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This will involve discussion and agreement of such issues as:

Corporate Governance; Finance; Reconciliation of Constitutions including voting rights,  Registration regulations; Amateur status, Role requirements; Officers; Clubmark, SHMS; EDI; Safeguarding; GMS; agreement of the Consultation and Decision Making Process; plus other areas that will need to be identified early in the process.

CONSULTATION PROCESS      October 2024 to March 2025

Full discussion and consultation with all clubs in both leagues, including Umpires Organisations, using open meetings and Zoom.

This will include assessment and discussion of all relevant issues,  (including but not exhaustive ) Divisional Structure; Playing regulations; Playing formats; Cricket Balls; Ground requirements; Player Eligibility requirements; Open/Amateur status, Umpires, Affiliations etc.

Options range from a straightforward “bolt-on” solution through to the partial or otherwise integration of Divisions.

The current Liverpool Competition 36 Team/3 Division structure at 1ST X1 level will remain unchanged as will the existing promotion/relegation provisions into and from Division 2.   

Year 2 Season 2025  

No change to current Divisional and Playing Structure – i.e. play as now.

Managed by an integrated Management Committee as described above.

Year 3Season 2026

Implementation of agreed Integrated Structure

Each League has identified a lead official to whom any questions, queries or requests for additional information should be made:

Southport and District Amateur Cricket League: Henry Roberts

Liverpool and District Cricket Competition: John Williams

With Regards

Eddie Shiff   ( Chair L&DCC)                   Henry Roberts  ( Chair S+D)                                                                                                                                                                                                    

20 May 2024

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