Date: 15th Jun 2024
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Date: 7th June 2024

Alder v Parkfield Liscard   Division 2   1 June

Rana Saqlain (Alder) and Nauman Akram (Parkfield) both in breach of Level 1 c – using language that in the circumstances is offensive and insulting.

First breaches   One week ban effective Midnight 7 June. (On players records for 24 months)


Orrell v Spring View   Division 1   1 June

A hearing was held on 6 June.  

Edwin Geary (Spring View) accepted the charge of a breach of Level 4 c – physically assaulting a cricketer -     Second Breach   Twelve Week ban effective Midnight 7 June (On players record for 24 months)

Sam Healey (Orrell) was not found in breach of Level 2 (i) inappropriate and deliberate physical contact with another player - and the case was dismissed.

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