Date: 4th Dec 2021
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Date: 11th June 2020




  1. Group Members; Chris Weston, John Williams, Eddie Shiff, Rob Durand, Nick Caunce, Mike Rotheram, Danny Murphy, Zac Gidlow (for George Johansen), Leo McCarthy, Jonny Broad, Hughie Evans, Dave Laybourne, John Farrell.
  2. The Restart Group, although discussing all of the issues involved in preparing for the Liverpool Competition to restart playing cricket, if given the go ahead by the Government and the ECB, has focussed on establishing a proposed STRUCTURE and FORMAT relating specifically to CRICKET to present to clubs.
  3. Following feedback this would then become the established structure and format to deliver, if and when the opportunity arises.
  4. The next step for the group would then be to discuss the many other issues involved in actually getting the game on, identified later in this statement.
  5. Three crucial principles were established:
  6. Safety of everyone involved was the number one priority together with adherence to the ECB and ACO published direction and guidance.
  7. The structuring of groups should involve teams in the least possible travel.
  8. Competitive Cricket and “something to play for” was essential.


Groups of 4 Clubs to be established, based on geography, playing each other home and away over a 6 week period. 1st and 2nd team fixtures will be reversed.

Matches to be played under Ray Digman and Chester Cup rules. (Pages 63-70 of 2019 handbook) but see * below

Points to be awarded as follows: 2 points for a win * 1 point for a tie if scores are equal and 1 point each for no result.

For Group winners see below.  Each group winners (1st, 2nd X1) will receive Cases of Beer/Bottles of Gin from our new sponsor Love Lane Brewery

Proposed Start time is 12.00 – Can be brought forward by agreement of both teams.

All games will be loaded into Play Cricket


It is accepted that clubs may wish to know the proposed ECB adaptions and conditions for playing the game including clubhouse and ground arrangements etc. before committing to take part in the proposed six week competition. We do however need to know the current intention of clubs to field 1st and 2nd teams in order to finalise the groups. SEE QUESTION ONE

3rd X1s

It is proposed to organise 3rd X1 cricket on the same basis as above (under Mike Leddy Cup rules) for those clubs and associate clubs that wish to take part on either Saturdays or Sundays. Winners to receive Love Lane packages. SEE QUESTION TWO

Note it is not proposed to organise anything else for Sundays. This will be free for club use, Juniors, Women’s and Girls etc.


Awaiting specific guidance from the ACO. The MCUA support the above structure and format and will do their best to provide as many umpires as possible.


Clearly, we do not know yet, if and when we will be able to start. With Domestic County Cricket not starting until 1 August and the preparation time needed by clubs we believe, from where we are now, it is reasonable to assume that 1 August is the earliest start date to consider. The above structure and format provides the Liverpool Competition with a SIX WEEK COMPETITIVE BLOCK OF FIXTURES for 1st 2nd and 3rd X1s who want them, to upload and play as follows:

Saturday 1 August - Saturday 5 September with 12 and 19th as play-off dates to decide group winners

Saturday 8 August – Saturday 12 September with *19th as a play-off date to decide group winners

Saturday 15 August – Saturday 19 September with *26th as a play-off date to decide group winners

* Possible use of Saturday 26 September SEE QUESTION THREE

Should a restart not be possible by Saturday 15 August, Clubs would be free to set their own programmes and fixtures as they wish. 

Note Should the go ahead be given for a start before 1 August we would start on the earliest possible date by immediately dropping in the six week block of fixtures. This could then lead to structured play-offs as time allowed.


The group felt that BH Monday (31 August) should be left free for club use.

It was agreed that a flexible approach should be taken in relation to eligibility and registration of players – to be discussed further.

Proposals for Junior groupings similar to the above and for matches in what will be left of the summer school holidays, will be issued shortly.

The Women and Girls Section, if the opportunity arises, are proposing to run soft ball tournaments on some Sundays, along the same lines as in previous years. Further details to follow.

Obviously all of this can only happen with the go ahead from the Government and ECB and we remain hopeful.

We now need a response from all clubs and associate clubs to the following questions:

  1. Based on current knowledge, does your club wish to take part in the Comp’s Six Week Block of Fixtures? Please note the fixture process will only work if both 1st and 2ND Teams take part.
  2. Does your club wish to take part in an organised 3rd X1 Competition on Saturdays or Sundays? If yes – please indicate which day.
  3. Does your club wish to play on 26 September as part of the play-offs? (If it is decided not to use 26 September, Group winners will be those with the most points. Net run rate will decide In the event of a tie).

Please respond by no later than Friday 19 June to

John Williams on behalf of the Comp Restart Group

10 June 2020

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