Date: 27th Nov 2021
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Date: 27th March 2021

Plus extracts on Practice/Coaching; Spectators and Changing Rooms.

Clubs will have received the latest guidance from the ECB.,7AXGX,7FYOV1,TMDKZ,1

It is detailed and sets out guidance enabling Cricket activity to start from 29 March.

As a response to the most asked questions from individuals and clubs in the Liverpool Competition, we have produced specific extracts from the documents on three topics:

Practice and Coaching


Changing Rooms

And hope you find the extracted information helpful.

Clubs and venues are required to carry out a COVID Risk Assessment and to put in place control measures to limit the transmission of COVID-19 during organised cricket.

What size of group can we have and what child supervision and coaching ratios should we aim for at practice sessions?

The Government have not stipulated any restrictions on group sizes. Therefore, organised cricket and supervised children’s cricket can take place outdoors in safe numbers subject to a venue and activity COVID risk assessment. Each venue and activity provider will have different amount of outdoor space and resource.

The safe number of participants should be determined by a venue risk assessment and the venue must be able to demonstrate that social distancing can be maintained between participants (except in the limited circumstances during competitive play). Your participants should feel safe when participating in cricket activity – listen to feedback related to numbers and if necessary, reduce group sizes.

 You will also need to consider how your venue maintains social distancing at pick up and drop off times and staggering start times may be more applicable for some venues. ECB guidance on supervision and coaching ratios for supervised children’s activity should be maintained (with social distancing) - please note that the tables below set out the maximum number of participants per adult/activator/coach.

Where your risk assessment determines that reduced participant numbers are required due to space restrictions for example, you must reduce the number of participants accordingly: Supervision ratios must be adhered to as a minimum for clubs/activity providers looking after groups of children:

8 and under 1 adult per 8 Children                                                                                                                       

9 and over 1 Adult per 10 children                                                                                                                                   

for single gender groups, there must be at least one same gender supervising adult.                                                    

For mixed groups there must be at least one male and one female supervising adult.

Recommended qualified coach/activator to participant ratios:                                                           

National programmes (All Stars and Dynamos) 1 Activator per 24 participants                                                                     

Softball practice 1 Coach  per 24 participants                                                                                                             

Hardball practice (not in nets) 1 Coach per 16 participants                                                                                          

Net practice 1 Coach per 8 participants

 Do we need to use every other net for outdoor practice? No, in most cases every net can be used subject to maintenance and regular Health and Safety checks. However, activity providers in cricket nets should assess how social distancing can be maintained in the net facility and limit the number of participants accordingly.


Spectators are not permitted in any indoor or outdoor cricket facility at Step 1B (29 March to 12 April) as stated on the UK Government Roadmap below

UP TO 12 April Spectators are not allowed (limited exceptions apply)

FROM 12 April Spectators must socially distance, provide contact details and observe legal gathering size limits (Rule of 6 or two households)


Changing Rooms

From 29 March     

Changing rooms and showers must remain closed

Open for restricted use (toilet and hand washing, first aid, safeguarding or COVID isolation)


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