Date: 27th Nov 2021
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Date: 18th April 2021


MCUA has changed the way that Captains report on umpires performance.

Previously, Captains completed a Word document and sent it by email.

Rather than a Word document the report is now on a Microsoft Form enabling it to be filled in online and then submitting electronically.

The report can be completed on a mobile, tablet or PC. This is the link to the form.

MCUA has emailed this link to every Captain as listed on the Club contacts on the web site.

MCUA has also produced a briefing note regarding marking umpires which is shown below. This has also gone to each Captain.


2021 Captains Marks on Umpire Performance

MCUA ask the Captains to mark their match umpires.

We ask that you mark the overall performance of your umpires based on the whole match and not just on isolated incidents.

Marks are to be given in 4 categories – Communication, Control of the Match, Control of the Players and Decision Making.

Mark the umpires performance in each category

1 = Very Good2 = Good3 = Average and 4 = Below Average

You have the opportunity to add a comment about the performance of an individual umpire. It is not a requirement to add a comment but you may wish to do so. A positive as well as a negative comment is always helpful. The responses will be used to help umpire improvement and development.

You should be aware that individual marks and comments are confidential and are not shared directly with individual umpires but may be used for appointment and training purposes.


Did the umpire: -

- Communicate with Captains, Players and Scorers effectively?

- Conduct a discussion at the toss including Captains responsibilities and 'Spirit of Cricket'?

- Collect team sheets and match balls?

- Was approachable and have a polite and friendly attitude throughout the match

Control of the Match

Did the Umpire: -

- Have a confident and positive manner throughout the match?

- Interpret ground, weather and light issues, if required, effectively?

- Apply the Laws and Playing Regulations appropriately?

- Work effectively with his colleague?

Control of the Players

Did the Umpire: -

- Deal effectively with any potential conflict situations?

- Use common sense when dealing with players?

- Allow the match to be played but have an appropriate level of intervention?

- Apply the Laws, Playing Regulations, Spirit of Cricket and Disciplinary sanctions effectively?

Decision Making

Did the Umpire: -

- Consider appeals in a calm and confident manner?

- Make decisions consistently throughout the match?

- Consult his colleague where necessary?

- Have a consistent interpretation of wide balls, leg byes and no balls?

- Move into good positions in order to make good decision on run outs or short runs?

- If required, manage a runner for an injured batsman effectively?


If anyone has any concerns or comments about the marking of umpires, please contact Hugh Evans by email at or, if you prefer, ring, 07905 908 001.


MCUA and LL L&DCC thanks for your cooperation and support.



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