Date: 27th Nov 2021
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Date: 6th August 2021

No more replays unless already approved; No game is an abandoned game.

As we approach the final 6 weeks of the season it is clear that there is now insufficient time to replay any games cancelled due to Covid reasons, other than those already approved. It is now necessary to preserve the integrity of the League programme. Following consideration by the Management Committee and the Restart Group we consider these measures as the fairest means of achieving this, in very difficult circumstances
  • Games up to and including 7 August
  • Games due to have been originally played in the period up to and including Saturday 7 August have been and are being rearranged in accordance with the current practice.
  • Games 8 August to 18 August
  • There are then 6 match weekends left in the season which ends on 18 September.
  • This is insufficient time for the rearrangement of Covid affected games.
  • Therefore, matches (other than those already approved for replaying) in the period from 8 August up to and including 18 September cancelled due to Covid reasons will not be replayed.
  • Clubs have clearly mandated the League to ensure the maintenance and activation of Promotion and Relegation as a priority and we wish to preserve the integrity of the League programme to deliver this.
  • The Management Committee and the Restart group consider the above measure together with the following interim Covid related regulation as the fairest means of achieving this in what are very difficult and trying circumstances for everyone.
  • All games cancelled due to Covid Reasons after 8 August will be regarded as Abandoned Matches and the provisions of Playing Rule 5.5.1 will apply: Matches abandoned without a ball being bowled will be registered as abandoned and each team will be awarded 5 points.
  • Notes
  • There is an expectation that the proposed relaxation of isolation measures on 16 August should have a positive impact on the ability of clubs to put out teams.
  • Clubs will be required to prioritise 1ST x1 fixtures and fulfil 1st x1 games with 2nd x1 players and 2nd x1 games with 3rd x1 players during the period 8 August to 18 September. Management Committee will work with clubs in this situation and consider such issues as age and ability to ensure that it is safe and practical to do so.

L&DCC Management Committee and L&DCC Restart Group

6 August 2021

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