Date: 15th Aug 2022
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AGM now on Zoom; Delay with Fixtures; Advice on Safeguarding; EDI Awareness sessions.

Date: 3rd January 2022

News Updates

AGM TUESDAY 11 JANUARY NOW ON ZOOM Joining instructions to follow.


As already notified, because of the delay in the issuing of the County fixtures, we are unable to produce our 2022 Fixtures. just yet.

In response to several enquiries, we point out that the awaited information affects 2nd X1 fixtures to the same degree as 1st X1 fixtures, including some 3rd X1 fixtures, as well as the need to consider lead in and preparation time for the clubs involved. Thank you for your patience.


Following our recent involvement and experience with some clubs in their pursuit of Safe Hands Management System (SHMS) Compliance, together with the recent proliferation of Cricket Training Centres, Schools, Academies, and individuals offering 1 to 1s we believe we should issue the following advice to clubs, players, and parents/guardians.

The SHMS compliance system applies to LCF/ECB accredited clubs and does not currently apply to any of the organisations listed above.

If you engage with any organisation or private individual, other than from the Club which you are a member, for coaching or any other cricket activity, then we believe you should check the safeguarding qualifications of the individual(s) working with your players/children, particularly the possession of in-date Disclosure and Barring Service Certificates (DBS).

Similarly, Clubs that enter into arrangements for matches and tournaments outside of the LCF/ECB affiliated Junior Match League programme organised by the Liverpool Competition, and other Junior Cricket Leagues within our League area, should ensure their own governance for these activities.


Reminder of our Zoom awareness sessions for Club Officials on Tuesday 1 February and Wednesday 9 February. Further details to follow.


L&DCC Management Committee 3 January 2022

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