Date: 28th May 2022
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Date: 8th April 2022



A busy meeting with lots of information supplied and, as promised in the meeting, here are the all papers that were presented there.

21 clubs were represented, there were 34 representatives present in total - of which 25 were captains.

The key date for SHMS is June 30th 2022, all DBS etc papers need to be in by then or you'll lose SHMS What that means to a club - and it's a lot - was set out in detail at the meeting.

Our EDI initiative has its first Focus Group meeting next week, L&DCC is in the forefront of this initiative in Lancashire.

Teas are the same as last year i.e. it is not now compulsory for clubs to provide them.

Registrations really do need to be done now. As ever, if there is a massive pile up at the last minutes some players will not get to play in the first game, due process will be carried out with no last minute skimping.

There's a new "Pitch of the Month" sponsorship award from ICON Sports of £500 to the winning club based on that month's MCUA umpires pitch Marks May-September.

ECB has mandatory Anti Discrimination and Concussion Policies in place in 2022.

Captains responsibilities were reminded to all - as was the need to test out logging on to play-cricket right now - not 10 minutes before the game starts on the 23th as Play-cricket has been extensively upgraded over the winter and there are new logging on requirements.

......and lots lot more!

The pre-Season meeting - attendance at which is mandatory for all clubs - is on Tuesday 12th April again at Firwood Bootle CC at 7.00pm Make sure you get all your (free) team sheets!



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