Date: 21st Jan 2019
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Date: 11th December 2017


An exciting announcement!

"We’re excited to announce that we have agreed to partner with NV Interactive to provide a digital scoring solution that can be used on laptops in the 2018 season. Play-Cricket Scorer will remain for everyone to use, favoured by casual scorers as it’s relatively basic and easy to use. The NV Interactive product (Play-Cricket Pro Scorer) provides an alternative option to TCS for dedicated scorers that want a more comprehensive tool. This new product will be fully integrated with Play-Cricket, which TCS is not.

 Here’s our statement with some further information:


“Whether you're an administrator or a player on the field, Play-Cricket continues to evolve to be the only free online tool you need to manage the game and access all the latest scores and stats.


As part of our commitment to improving the service, ECB is delighted to announce that following a selection process, NV Interactive has been appointed to supply a new Play-Cricket digital laptop scoring solution. Informed by ECB ACO’s Scorers, there will be a new laptop scoring product available for the dedicated scorer of Premier League recreational cricket and the First-Class game for the 2018 season.


 NV Interactive have proved themselves to be a market leader, delivering a broad range of digital experiences for global clients including BBC, ESPN & Microsoft. More specifically they will build upon ten years of laptop scoring provision for top-flight cricket in New Zealand as well as the provision of analysis software to the ECB for both International and First-Class cricket.

 We’ll provide further updates on this exciting development in January including the opportunity for scorers to try and test the software to help us make this the best possible laptop scoring solution.”


Have a fabulous Christmas.


Best wishes,

James Nickson

ECB Head of Marketing & Systems


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