Date: 15th May 2021
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Important information on Registrations

Date: 22nd March 2021

Registration 2021 process

Important information on the registration of players ready for season 2021.

In an effort to ensure that all players have their registration process completed ahead of the start of the season (still scheduled for 24 April) it is proposed to use the ten day period commencing next Sunday 28th March as a priority Registration process period with all clubs encouraged to forward the necessary supporting paperwork and undertake the play cricket procedures to reduce the pressure on league officials which usually occurs immediately ahead of the first games. 

As the likelihood is for a full season of cricket (partly subject to covid-19 restrictions mentioned elsewhere), normal registrations procedures will apply.

All new and transferred players MUST be placed on play-cricket by their clubs by 1.00pm by Wednesday 21st April 2021. Entry on play cricket by that time/date is mandatory.

To be crystal clear, any player not on the play-cricket system will not be eligible to play irrespective of paperwork submitted. There will be no exceptions.

All existing players, including Category 3 (Exempt), remain registered.

Category 3 (Not Exempt) players i.e. players that have not been resident in the UK for more than 18 months as set out in the regulations must be registered again from scratch with the club ensuring that the player also meets current government guidance relating to quarantine requirements.

All the papers ( e.g. the Registration Form, the Player Release Form , the Category 1b confirmation form, and, in addition for overseas players, Copy Passport, Copy Visa, Copy DBS or equivalent, ECB Residence Form etc.) should accompany this placement on play-cricket on the Wednesday and be with Rob Durand in full by Wednesday 21st April via 07803 722 171 the registration will not take place without all the necessary paperwork.

If overseas players are being registered for the 2nd and 3rd XIs, clubs have to supply play-cricket type evidence that the players really are of that standard and appropriate to play in the L&DCC 2nd and 3rd XI structures.

3rd XI registrations, as usual, are a little different and can be made up to 48 hours after their first match.

Relevant documents and guidance can be found on the Admin Docs / Registrations section of this website. Any queries to Rob Durand (as above)

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