Date: 31st Jul 2021
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Date: 31st December 2020

St Bede's in Tier 4.

We now have knowledge of the recent changes in the Tier status of areas. St Bede’s is in Ormskirk, which is in West Lancashire and has been placed in Tier 4.

As such the cricket centre is unable to operate while this status continues and it is necessary to postpone the 2021Player Development Programmes (Boys and Girls) from the intended start date of the weekend 16/17 January. 

Appreciating that nothing can be said with any certainty at the moment, we can say that as soon as the circumstances change and that St Bedes is back up and running and provided that the players and coaches can travel and operate safely, we will hope to restart. Our sessions are booked to the end of March and can extend into April if necessary.

It seems sensible just now, not to consider a possible restart before 2/3 February – which we will obviously keep under review and keep everyone informed.Thank you to clubs, parents, players and coaches for your understanding and co-operation.

John Williams

Chairman Love Lane Liverpool and District Competition.

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