Date: 15th Aug 2022
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Date: 9th February 2022

Development Programme and Affiliated Indoor Tournaments

Following on from the brilliant development of Women’s and Girls Cricket in the Liverpool Competition in recent years, the League’s first ever Women’s and Girls Player Development Programme began on Saturday at St Bede’s Cricket CentreOrmskirk.

52 Women and Girls are benefiting from quality coaching and development as part of the League’s commitment to delivering the ECBs “Inspiring Generations” Strategy.  Running alongside the Boys scheme, now in its 13th year, currently being delivered to over 70 youngsters, the programme is funded by the Liverpool Competition ensuring that there are no barriers to taking part.

The Programme also provides an opportunity for some of the ten Competition Ladies who recently completed their Level 1 Foundation Coaching Course, funded by the Competition together with the Lancashire Cricket Foundation, to practice their new found skills.

Liz Sinker, the League’s Women’s Section Chair and member of the League’s Management Committee, is delighted with the programme “The Women’s and Girl’s game in the Liverpool Competition has really developed in the last few years, proving to be extremely popular. This continues the progress, providing our women and young girls with the skills to improve their game”. In addition, the indoor tournaments for Under 11 Girls at the Firefit Centre in Toxteth, also funded by the Competion ensuring access for all, are all set for a big finish with a Finals day this coming Sunday 13 February. Liz added, “These have been very popular and successful, once again providing a brilliant opportunity for young girls to play the game and have fun.”

ECB affiliated soft ball and hard ball Leagues are once again planned for the summer, currently with 22 clubs signed up, with the League also continuing to run its established programme of Women’s Indoor Tournaments starting again on 27 February, with15 teams taking part.

Chair of the League John Williams is proud of the developments. “We all are. It’s really all down to the hard working volunteers in the clubs” he said. “The take up has been amazing and the numbers keep on growing. As an ECB Premier League we receive a limited grant from the ECB to help develop recreational cricket in our area, and we are pleased to be able to provide the necessary support to the Women’s game with coaching, affiliated tournaments and League Competitions”.

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