Date: 15th Aug 2022
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Date: 3rd August 2022

Proud to be providing matchplay development for around 100 Comp youngsters

With thanks to the Lancashire Cricket Foundation for their work in organising and managing the Competitions and grateful thanks to the Managers and Coaches from the Comp for giving their time and making all this possible. 

Thursday 4 August           U13                              at Wallasey                           v GMCL West

Thursday 4 August           U15                              at Liverpool                          v Westmorland

Tuesday   9 August           U13                             at Highfield                           v Wigan Junior League

Wednesday 10 August   U11                              at Penwortham                 v Northern/Palace Shield

Wednesday 10 August     U15                             at Formby                           v GMCL West

Wednesday 10 August     U12 Girls                   at Shireshead                    LCF Tournament

Thursday 11 August        U18                             at Liverpool                          v Bolton League

Thursday 11 August          U14 Girls                   Ribblesdale Wanderers   LCF Tournament

Monday 15 August            U13                            at Whalley                              v Ribblesdale League

Monday 15 August          U14 Girls                   at Liverpool                           LCF Tournament

Wednesday 17 August      U11                             at Lowerhouse                    v Lancs League South

Wednesday 17 August      U15                             at Wigan                                 v Wigan Junior League

Wednesday 24 August       U13                            at Liverpool                           v Westmorland League

Thursday 25 August            U11                           to be arranged                      v GMCL East

Thursday 25 August           U14 Girls                  at Bury                                     LCF Tournament

Tuesday 30 August             U12 Girls                  at Bury                                     LCF Tournament

w/c 4 September                 U18                             Away   tba                            v Wigan Junior League         

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